“Writing every day is a way of keeping the engine running, and then something good may come out of it.”  T.S. Eliot

Happy New Year to you all. Do you have any writing resolutions for the New Year? I have several projects I hope to tackle in the New Year. I’m busy clearing my desk this week so I can start fresh in 2010. Do any of you have resolutions you’d like to share?


InnerVision Books is an epublishing company founded this summer by veteran romance author Donna Hill and her business partner, Pittershawn Palmer. InnerVision is open to submissions of novels featuring African-American and multi-cultural characters. From their website: “Our vision for our fiction both literary and contemporary fiction is to create a new genre which we call “Reality Fiction.” These stories encompass cross-cultural topics such as societal, familial, religious, political concepts, no matter the genre.  Main character: one must be African American the other must be of a different ethnic group.  Characters must be taken out of their comfort zones, i.e., an African America who finds themselves involved with an Amish character… how the two lifestyles clash but evolve making them evolve as well.  (ex. “Witness” featuring Harrison Ford), i.e., and African American character who finds themselves forced to confront someone with HIV when their mindset has been pure homophobic ex., “Philadelphia.”  An African American who has moved from their day to day setting to live in another country or community.”  Novels should be at least 225 pages, novellas 100 pages. They also publish erotica. See their writer’s guidelines for all the details.


Her Christmas Wish (Harlequin American Romance Series) is still available in stores and online. And coming next week, you’ll be able to buy copies of my two new books, The Father for Her Son (Harlequin Superromance) and Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Blame It on the Blizzard\Deep Freeze\Melting Point  In January, I’ll be doing a blog tour to promote my books. I’ll post schedule updates here. Please stop by and say hello when you can.


The Bristol Short Story Competition welcomes entries from the UK and throughout the world. Entry fee is 7 pounds (about $11 at current currency rates). Prizes will be awarded: 

Ist- £500 plus £150 Waterstone’s gift card

2nd- £350 plus £100 Waterstone’s gift card

3rd- £ 200 plus £100 Waterstone’s gift card

The other 17 writers who feature on the shortlist will be presented with a cheque for £50.

All 20 shortlisted stories will be published in Volume 3 of the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology.

Stories may be in any genre, no longer than 300 words. You may submit via email. The dealine to enter is March 31. See their guidelines for all the details.