Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip. Think of what you skip reading a novel: thick paragraphs of prose you can see have too many words in them.”                                                                                                                              Elmore Leonard

Today is the third installment of my look at short fiction markets, with a list of Christian magazines that publish short stories.

Disciples World is a publication of the Disciples of Christ, aimed at an audience of lay people and clergy. The editors are open to inspirational fiction up to 1200 words. Payment is 16 cents a word.

First Things isn’t associated with a particular denomination. Instead, it publishes articles related to religion and culture. Here’s a good place for longer stories. The editors are open to stories from 4000 to 6000 words. Payment varies.

Liguorian publishes “stories of faith, inspiration, the Catholic Church, and God’s presence in reader’s lives.” Fiction should be between 1500 and 200o words. Payment is 10 to 15 cents a word.

Live readers receive the magazine in adult Sunday school classes. The editors welcome fiction with Christian themes, especially humorous fiction. Length: 400-1100 words. Payment: 7 to 10 cents a word.

Mature Living readers are Christian adults over 55. The editors are looking for stories that underscore Biblical truths. The stories should be presented with warmth and humor is welcome. Length: 800-1200 words. Payment varies.

Mature Years is published by the United Methodist Publishing House. Readers are those over age 55. Send your inspirational fiction to 2000 words. Payment is 7 cents a word. Submit to Marvin Cropsey, Editor; 201 Eigth Avenue South; Nashville, TN 37203

Mind Flights combines Christian theology with science fiction and fantasy. The editors are actively seeking more speculative fiction based on Christian principles. Stories can be up to 2000 words. Payment is 1/2 cent a word.

St. Anthony Messenger is aimed at Catholic families. They publish inspirational fiction between 2000 and 2500 words. Payment is 20 cents a word.

Standard seeks to show Christianity in action. The editors welcome inspirational fiction with Christian themes. Length: up to 1200 words. Payment 3 1/2 cents a word.

U.S. Catholic publishes inspirational fiction to 1500 words. They pay $150 to $500.

Vista devotes 25 percent of each issue to inspirational fiction. The stories are quite short — 500 to 600 words. Payment varies.


Jessica Rothenberg  is the new Senior Editor at the Penguin YA imprint Razorbill. Ms Rothenberg started with Penguin in 2004 as an editorial assistant and has worked on a number of projects for Razorbill, including several paranormal and fantasy YA titles. In a 2007 interview with author Cynthia Leitich Smith, she said “She’s always on the lookout for fresh, funny, voice-driven fiction—whether YA or middle grade—and is most interested in teen romance, literary fiction, and hilarious, high-concept ‘tween and teen series that kids can’t put down.”


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