‘The writer’s intention hasn’t anything to do with what he achieves.  The intent to earn money or the intent to be famous or the intent to be great doesn’t matter in the end.  Just what comes out.’

Lillian Hellman

XOXO Books, an electronic and print publisher specializing in romance and erotica, is looking for submissions for three new anthologies. “Tattoo lovers wanted! Are you a passionate tattoo artist or just love  tattoos? We want you to submit your tattoo artwork, body shots  and tattoo stories: romance, mystery, vampire, erotica, contemporary, steampunk, paranormal, for our Tattoos Art n Stories Anthology.”

Stories should be 2500 words or less, double-spaced in 12-pt Arial font. Deadline for submissions is May 1.  Include a cover letter including your name and e-mail address, and exact word count. Send your submissions to submissions@xoxopublishing.com with the  subject “The Tattoo Series”.
 Release dates for The Tattoo Series Anthologies are June 18, 2010, July
16, 2010, and August 14, 2010.


From writer D.L. Snell’s blog comes the following:

Redstone Science Fiction is looking for all kinds of science fiction stories, from space opera to cyber punk. Editors Michael Ray and Paul Clemons will consider stories from 750 to 4000 words. Payment is 5 cents a word.  Check the guidelines for more information.


Mountain Magic, Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia, is looking for submissions.  Editor Brian J. Hatcher is interested in the following:

* Short stories up to 2500 words and poems between 8 – 34 lines
* The setting must be the Appalachian states (West Virginia, Kentucky,
Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia)
* Magic (either supernatural or performance magic) must be central to
the plot of the story or poem
* Urban fantasy is acceptable. Rural  fantasy, more so.
* Horror stories and poems should not be too graphic. I am looking for
“quiet horror” for this anthology.

The deadline for submissions is June 21, payment is 5 cents a word. For more information, see the guidelines.