I began my career writing historical romance under the name Cynthia Sterling. I’ve regained the rights to those books, long out of print, and over the next few months plan to release them as ebooks. The first title, Patchwork Hearts, is available now from Amazon and Smashwords. If you’re a fan of Americana or Western historicals, or you’re merely curious about where I started out, pick up your copy here or here.


Basement Stories publishes short stories (primarily science fiction and fantasy, but also “anything that’s good”) under 6000 words.  They pay 1 cent a word and accept reprints and simultaneous submissions. Check their guidelines for more details.


Ever wonder how you could make more time to write? Check out this article on Making Time to Write.


Her Mountain Man is still available in stores. Pick up your copy soon.


Could you write a short story in 24-hours? What about if someone else picked the topic of the story?  Challenge yourself with the Writer’s Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest. Entrants receive an email on the date the contest begins with the story topic and word count. Submit your completed story within 24 hours for a chance at a bunch of different prizes. This year’s contest begins July 24, 2010. You must pre-register to enter, and there is a $5 entry fee. Find out the details here.


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