I attended the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference this past weekend. A great event, as always. Below I share some news from the editors I heard there.

But first, St. Martin’s Press and Jeffrey Archer are sponsoring a Short Story Competition. Grand prize is publication of a e-book version of the winning story. Submit your story of no more than 5000 words by October 1, 2010. Find all the details here.


If you’re 50 or older and you write speculative fiction, check out the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writer’s Grant.  You could win a $750 grant to use as you see fit. Check out the application details here.


Terri Bischoff, Editor with Midnight Ink, was one of the guests at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Colorado Gold Conference. Midnight Ink is a division of Llewellyn Books and publishes trade paper editions of mainstream mystery. They produce 25-30 books a year. Their forte is soft-boiled mystery and cozies, but Bischoff is open to all softs of crime fiction. She’s particularly interested in acquiring a quilting mystery seires and a police procedural series featuring a female cop protagonist.

Benjamin LeRoy, publisher of Tyrus Books, also spoke at the conference. Formerly with Bleak House Books, LeRoy is interested in crime fiction, particularly dark literary fiction. He isn’t interested in “evil seriel killers or fast-paced explosions”. Rather, he’s interested in the effect of crime on everyday people.


Dance With the Doctor is available at eHarlequin.com. The book received 4 stars from Romantic Times Book Review, which called the story “well written and heartwarming. Myers’ characters have real depth, and her portrayal of their emotions is spot on.” The book will be in stores next month, but you can order a copy now here.


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