” Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”  ~Anton Chekhov
I have lots of news to share this week: 
Work of Heart is in stores now. Pick up your copy of my new book, a novel based on the real love story of a Denver couple. Danny de Zavala and Nina Barry fell in love almost from the moment they met, but real life challenges kept trying to drive them apart. Find out how they triumphed and found their own happily ever after.



Folgers is holding a jingle contest.The Grand Prize winner takes home $25,000, while five finalists get $5000 each and a trip to New York. Check it out here.


Don D’Auria, former executive editor with Dorchester Books, has joined Samhain Publishing and is looking to acquire horror manuscripts. Samhain publishes ebook and trade paper editions. They’ve been successful with romance and are now looking to launch a new horror line with D’Auria at the helm. He’s looking for all kinds of horror stories, between 12,000 and 100,000 words (minimum 50,000 words for print in addition to ebook; shorter works will be ebooks only). Unagented and previously unpublished authors are welcome to submit. Send the complete manuscript and a full synopsis. Get all the details here.


If you write mystery, or aspire to write mystery, check out Sisters In Crime’s new report “The Mystery Book Consumer in the Digital Age.”  Among interesting tidbits in the report: the majority of mystery readers are women, and more than half are baby boomer age or older. Younger readers like darker, more suspenseful stories. E-book sales are growing. Book covers matter.


Also new on the cyber shelves, the reissue of my Americana historical, Great Caesar’s Ghost, from Aspen Mountain Press’s Aurora Regency line. This comic/poignant novel is set in the 1890s at a spa where guests come to take the waters. When patent medicine peddler Jed Hawkins shows up, will he find the love and home he’s been searching for with old maid Nixie Dengler?

And my website has been updated. Check it out at www.cindimyers.com

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