Avon has jumped into the e-publishing game with the introduction of  Avon Impulse. This venture to publish e-book first editions from new and established writers will offer a new title each week. Titles will also be available in print through on-demand publishing. Authors receive  no advance, and 25 percent royalties on the first 10,000 copies sold, after which royalties rise to 50 percent. Titles will be available in all e-formats and from all e-book retailers. Editors are open to all sub-genres of romance, including contemporary, historical, suspense, time travel, westerns, steam-punk, paranormal and more. Unagented authors are welcome to submit through the form on the website.

With the introduction of Avon Impulse, Avon is changing the way it handles all unagented submissions. Now all unagented writers must submit through the form on the Impulse website. You’ll need to register, then fill out the form and attach your manuscript. The editors will evaluate manuscripts for both the traditional Avon publishing program and for Avon Impulse. So an author who submits gets looked at for both programs. For more information, visit the Avon Impulse website.


The Editor Shuffle:

At Ballantine Bantam Dell  Shauna Summers has been promoted to executive editor; and Jennifer Smith is now a senior editor.

At Harlequin, Kelli Martin is now senior editor, Kimani Press. Glenda Howard, Tessa Shapcott, and Birgit Davis-Todd have been promoted to senior executive editors for New York, London, and Toronto.


Class Act Books is an e-publisher that also releases trade editions of some of their titles. They publish all types of romance, including inspirational and young adult.  I was unable to find writer’s guidelines on their site, but to submit, send your material to  Classactbookssubmissions@gmail.com


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