“Character gives us qualities, but it is in actions – what we do – that we are happy or the reverse….All human happiness and misery take the form of action.”- Aristotle


Attica Books Ltd. is a new digital first (Ebook) publisher that is looking for new authors. They set me the following Call for Submissions to share with my readers:

Dumped by your publisher? Looking for a home for your backlist? Or just not tempted by the Big Six’s one-sided contracts?

Attica Books is an independent ebook-first publisher founded by industry professionals who’ve both worked in the trade and published with several of the Big Six. We know how important proper editing, proof-reading and format checking are, and what a difference it can make to have your book in the hands of a publishing house which properly supports it. We’ve also, as authors, experienced orphaned books, constant changes of editor, miserable royalties and too many other tricks. We aim to offer you the first part without the second.

 Our trial phase is done and we’re looking in the first instance for submissions from previously published authors for lists in mystery, fantasy, and wit & whimsy – think for that last anything from Jane Austen to Terry Pratchett. If you’ve got underappreciated backlist in these genres, we’d like to see that too. Full details, and submission guidelines, on our website

Our royalties are 35% of net receipts to 5000 copies and 50% thereafter, paid quarterly, and based entirely on what we receive from retailers. No returns, no joint accounting: what comes in we split with authors. We want to make money from your books, yes, but we want *you* to make money from them, too.


The wonderful Deni Dietz also has news to share this week:

Denise (Deni) Dietz is pleased to announce that she’s accepted the position of Senior Editor, working directly with Five Star Publishing, a division of Gale/Cengage/ Thorndike.
Acquiring: All Mystery sub-genres, including but not limited to Cozy, Hard-boiled, P.I., Traditional, Historical and Paranormal. 

Deni is looking for non-clichéd, well-written, character-driven novel. She says she wants to BE THERE, in the scene. For example, she doesn’t want to know that General Santa Anna was captured in 1836. She prefers to know that he was naked except for his underpants. 



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Elise Howard, the former senior vice president and associate publisher for HarperCollins Children’s Books has been picked to head up Algonquin Books’ new YA ad middle grade fiction  line.  The new line, as yet unnamed, will launch late 2012, with as many as six titles. Algonquin currently publishes about 20 to 25 adult titles annually. Howard said that, at least initially, the focus will be more on YA, but that depends on the manuscripts she sees. She would love to find “a great memoir.”


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