‘I am never indifferent, and never pretend to be, to what people say or think of my books. They are my children, and I like to have them liked.’

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Only one more week until The Woman Who Loved Jesse James Goes on sale!


Lyrical Press is holding its first annual How Lyrical Is Your Romance? Contest.  First and second place receive $200 and $100 respectively, plus a contract for Lyrical Press to publish your book. Third place receives a critique of their work from one of Lyrical’s editors. Both previously unpublished and published writers may enter the contest. Submit your full manuscript (15,000 to 100,000 words) plus 2 to 3 page synopsis by February 5, 2012. Lyrical accepts manuscripts of any heat level, in any romance subgenre: contemporary, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense, urban fantasy and steampunk romance. Get all the details here.


January 22, 2012, the editors at Entangled Publishing will be taking online pitches at The Rockville 8 blog. Senior Editor Adrien Luc-Sanders, Associate Editor Libby Murphy, Associate Editor Kerry Vail, Associate Editor Kerri-Leigh Grady, Associate Editor Josh Vogt and Associate Editor Lewis Pollack will be taking pitches for Entangled’s Flirt, Ever After and Indulgence romance lines. You’ll need to post your pitch in the comments section of the website. All the details are here. Be sure to read through this not only for directions on how to pitch, but for details about the lines and what each editor is specifically looking for.


I got a great review for West With the Wind from Night Owl Reviews. The reviewer said the book was “one of the best historical westerns that I’ve read in a long time.” Read the complete review here*******************************

Editors  David Conyers, David Kernot and Jeff Harris are accepting submissions for Extreme Planets, a science fiction anthology that explores alien worlds. Stories should be 4,000 to 10,000 words. From the guidelines: “These could be planets with gravities many times that of the Earth or orbiting neutron stars so their oceans are elongated into egg shapes. Carbon worlds or diamond worlds, iron worlds, or planets with extremely elliptical orbits. Worlds made of exotic elements or with bizarre atmospheres. Planets were time and space behaves strangely or against the laws of physics. Even artificially created worlds can find a home in this anthology, either transformed by bizarre technology or the creation of alien civilisations. Mostly, we hope you dazzle us with worlds we haven’t even thought about.” Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2012. Payment is 3 cents a word plus 3 copies of the anthology. Find all the guidelines here.  And be sure to read D.L. Snell’s interview with the editors to find out more.


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