Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.”  Joseph Pulitzer


Musa Publishing  is seeking outstanding fiction for its ten imprints—all heat levels,lengths from 15,000 words and up.  They  are particularly interested in the following:

Calliope Romance—category, paranormal, and historical romance of all eras.

Clio  Historicals – non-romance historical fiction (meaning that something other than romance drives the plot. Romantic subplots are fine) of all eras, but they’re particularly looking for American Colonial, American Old West, classical Greece and Rome, Plantagenet England,  and nautical fiction.

Erato GBLT—outstanding gay fiction: romances, obviously, but also outstanding gay fiction that is NOT romantic. In particular, they are seeking GLBT YA for their new Pan imprint.

Terpischore Commercial Fiction—literary novels and chapbooks, True Confessions stories and humor. If your book is so different that other publishers say they don’t know how to market it—Musa wants to take a look at it.

Thalia Paranormals and Horror—If your monsters kill people and your vampires don’t sparkle, Thalia is the place for you! The editors want true horror stories and paranormal tales—not romance (okay as a subplot) but honest-to-goodness, have to read with the light on fiction.

Urania Speculative Fiction—Urania is looking for science fiction (hard and soft), steampunk, gaslight fantasy, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy tales. They will consider shorter pieces, but are particularly interested in novellas and novels.

Musa also is seeking stories for its Finally Ever After line—a series of short stories (under 15k) that feature a second chance at romance theme—and its Wiccan Haus paranormal shared world series (15-35k).

Musa Publishing, a royalties-paying, digital-first small press is seeking submissions for its romance lines.  Musa is a ground-breaking house that believes transparency is essential for the modern author.  Along with an industry-topping 50% royalty rate, paid monthly, Musa also empowers its authors. The Musa database tracks a book from contract to royalties, allowing authors to track their sales in real time and to see everything from contract terms to reviews. Musa contracts and royalties information are available online for authors to read before submission at http://musapublishing.blogspot.com/p/musa-contract.html. Submissions should be sent to editorial director Celina Summers at submissions@musapublishing.com.


Editor Stacy Abrams is heading up the new Bliss line from Entangled Publishing. The line will launch in August with three titles: LUCKY BREAK (friends to lovers), THREE RIVER RANCH (cowboys, secret baby, marriage of convenience), and SUGAR RUSH (enemies to lovers, competition). Stacy is eager to see more submissions for the line, and she forwarded some clarification of what she’s looking for: “Yes, we want a focus on family, with less of a focus on sex, but we do NOT want inspirational, stuffy, old-fashioned. Boiled down, these are similar to the Indulgence line in that we want modern, sexy, contemporary, fun, funny stories. The only difference should be more of a focus on sexual tension and falling in love, and less focus on sex.
Some examples of plot lines we’d love to see:
-Tycoon-type hero, maybe a boss/employee relationship, forbidden love -Older brother’s best friend romance, maybe involving a big family wedding -Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years stories featuring someone who has nowhere to be for the holidays and is taken in by their love interest’s family -Would LOVE to see anything featuring minority characters!”  See Entangled’s submission guidelines here.


White Cat Publications is launching a new quarterly magazine, in both print and online formats, this October. Insatiable, the Magazine of Paranormal Desires is seeking paranormal romance stories up to 5,000 words. “We are accepting all manner of supernatural, paranormal, weirdness, oddities, and whatnot so long as there is a romantic plot element. Time period is not a sticking point.  Modern, period, complete fantasy/alternate reality all will be looked at.  We want imaginative, well-written stories that are crafted with care. Not to knock it because there is a place for every good word out there, but porn without plot will not be accepted. Sex is good and natural and fun but it must move the plot forward.  We at Insatiableare more interested with emotional content and that “oomph” that good writing evokes in the reader. Also, we are not afraid of humor.  Just because there’s love involved doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.” Payment is 3 cents a word. See the Guidelines here.


Time for another new cover reveal, this one for A Long, Sweet Ride.

Diana Morgan learned early on to never trust a cowboy. But desperation leads her to agree to take the role of a trick rider with Colonel Texas Mallorey’s Wild West Exhibition and Extravaganza in order to provide for herself and her daughter.
Corey Hammersley might look like an ordinary cowboy to most, but he has an extraordinary way with horses. He joins the Wild West Show to escape his troubled past. He never expects to fall in love with Diana, or to take on her troubles as his own. Trust grows as they learn more about each other. But will the secrets in their past bring them together or pull them apart?



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