“It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer.”  Gerald Brenan


Minotaur Books and Mystery Writers of America are sponsoring a First Crime Novel Competition. Authors who have never had a novel published may enter their crime novel of at least 60,000 words. The story must center around murder or another serious crime. The winner receives a $10,000 advance against royalties and publication by Minotaur Books. The deadline to enter is December 17, 2012. Get all the details here.


Minotaur and Malice Domestic are partnering to sponsor the Best First Traditional Mystery Novel competition. Enter your best traditional mystery of at least 60,000 words. For this contest, Minotaur defines a traditional mystery as a story that revolves around a murder or other serious crime. The crime is an extraordinary event in the lives of the characters. The victim and the suspects know each other and the characters in the story are ordinary people the reader would be interested in knowing. The number of suspects is limited and each has a credible motive and reasonable opportunity to have committed the crime. The detective may be amateur or professional, but isn’t “hard-boiled.” The story doesn’t feature graphic violence. The dealine to enter is October 17, 2012 . First prize is publication by Minotaur and a $10,000 advance. Find the details here.


Time for another new cover reveal. Great Caesar’s Ghost is a poignant, ghostly romance set at at turn-of-the-century hot springs resort.

A traveling showman like Caesar Hawkins isn’t about to let his own death come between him and his son Jed’s happiness. Unfortunately, the famous cure-all elixer he left behind can’t ease the incurable malady of the young man’s lonely heart. Jed needs something more potent than tonic. Something a little sweeter…
Nixie Dengler knows the toll a rambling man can take on a vulnerable woman’s heart. So what does she see in another rambler like Jed? Actually, it’s what she doesn’t see that’s drawing them together. Can a matchmaking spirit unite two earthly souls in love?
Expanded Horizons is an online speculative fiction magazine that seeks to publish stories featuring “under-represented peoples.” They’re looking for stories by and about characters you don’t see as often in speculative fiction — native peoples, disabled persons, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual and transgendered persons, minorities and any “different” people. They accept stories up to 6,000 words and pay $30. They have detailed and specific writer’s guidelines here.
MsLexia is an online ezine “for women who write.” The editors are currently looking for short stories on the theme of “The Affair.” “short stories (up to 2,200 words each) on the bliss, buffetting or sheer banality of a love affair.” Deadline for entries is September 17, 2012. There’s no fee to enter, and MsLexia will pay for any entries it decides to publish. Find all the details here.
MsLexia is also sponsoring a Children’s Novel Competition. Submit your novel of 30,000 words or more. First prize is 5000 British pounds. The deadline to enter is September 10, 2012. Find all the details for this competition here.
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