Being an author is having angels whisper in your ear – and devils, too.”  ~Terri Guillemets


The Wild Rose Press publishes romances in twelve different sub-genres in ebook and print (65K+). Check out what some of the senior editors are looking for and how to submit to their specific lines.

Callie Lynn Wolfen, Senior Editor for Black Rose, is looking for fresh new takes on vamp and were/shifter heroes and heroines, as well, new creatures. How about demons, gargoyles, incubus, succubus or anything else your darkest imagination can conjure up? We would love to see more quick hit shorts (8-15K) and we are always looking for novellas and fulls. Please review the standard guidelines for Black Rose before you submit and send your submission to our standard “Query Us” email. We look forward to reading your stories!

Lori Graham, Senior Editor for Crimson Rose, has two active submission calls. Also, Crimson Rose readers have been asking for more of the shorter manuscripts. So we welcome any topic or any holiday in these 7,500 to 60,000 manuscripts.

One is “Summer Heat” spice level is sweet to hot, 7,500 to 55,000 words (computer count).Crime and emotions seem to spike on hot summer nights. Bring them together and the results are explosive. Let your late night imaginations run rampant. It can be any kind of mystery or action suspense. The hero and heroine can be the investigators, or the victims. The only requirement is that the heat of a summer night must be a key role. Stories set in foreign locales welcomed. Get a jump on summer and start thinking hot now. We look forward to seeing just how far and how clever your imagination can be.

The second is “Red Christmas…someone is ready to kill for the holiday.” Manuscripts should be spice level is sweet to hot, 7,500 to 60,000 words (computer count). Each story must contain Santa Claus – either the hero or the villain needs to be using a costume as a part of the story. Maybe an undercover cop, or a hitman masquerading as Santa to slip in places, or …

Submit your query with synopsis embedded in email to after checking out the Crimson guidelines on our website. In the subject line include: Summer Heat Series and the Title of your manuscript OR Santa and title of manuscript (deadline March 1, 2013). For questions or clarification, please feel free to contact Lori Graham.

Nicole D’Arienzo, Managing Editor for Historical lines, states they are always on the lookout for American-set romance for the American Rose line; Regency or Highlander romances for the English Tea Rose line; Westerns for our Cactus Rose line, especially anything that might fit our new Lawmen & Outlaws series. We’d love to see some early 20th century (think Titanic, Prohibition, Golden Age of Hollywood eras) for our Vintage Rose line. Any word count length 7,500-100K welcomed. Queries including synopsis should be addressed to with a mention in the email that the query is in response to Cindy Myers’ blog.

Diana Carlile, senior editor for Scarlet Rose, is the naughty corner of the garden (erotic romance) and we’re looking for anything with cowboys, military men, men in uniform, and of course, strong heroines to match them. We like m/f/m ménages, BDSM, and anything kinky (told you we were naughty!). We’d love to see a few more historicals and paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy stories, too. 5-100k words

Coming up for next year: We’re already seeking m/m stories for our Boys of Summer 2013 series. We like hot, manly men falling in love underneath a hot summer sun. Think waves, sun, beach, and any sort of outdoor fun just at long as there are hot, sweaty, golden bodies. The length requirement is 5-20 K words. Submit query with synopsis embedded in email to

Leanne Morgena, Senior Editor for Sweetheart Rose, is looking for clean romance (7,500-80,000K) that chronicles the excitement of a new attraction, the flirtation that becomes real, or a whacky first-meet that turns into something more. Leanne loves reunion stories where the protagonists have a history (either good or bad) that must be overcome.  Also, stories where the action takes place in a short period of time—charity events, singles field trip to special site near where the author lives, a two-day chili cook-off or baking contest, community performances.

Kinan loves humorous stories–from slapstick (ice skaters who fall down while kissing) or corny (I pine fir yew), to quirky or subtle, humor is part of many love stories. I’d love to see submissions with mistaken identities, role-playing that becomes real, or just a sustained playful attitude. Another favorite type is blue collar stories–Plumbers and electricians, hairdressers and retail clerks–anyone can fall in love. Truck drivers cope with the loneliness of time and distance from their loved ones. Auto mechanics, computer doctors, factory line workers, miners and electrical lineworkers–all of them have love lives as rich as those of any CEO or rock star. Submit query including 1-2 page synopsis to

Stacy Holmes, Senior Editor: Yellow Rose is looking for submissions for our contemporary cowboy line. From humorous to emotional reads, I would love to see more short stories cross our desks (15,000 to 40,000 words) incorporating plots that revolve around the business world of cattle and ranching, cattle drives, start ups and the specifics of the rodeo world. Cowboys are strong, determined, hard-working, and protective over everything in their circle of life. They could be a businessman during the week and a cowboy on the weekend, they could be fully involved in the ranch or just helping out family or friends. The setting could be a Wyoming Ranch, an outback station in Australia or even settings in Alaska and Canada. Submit query including 1-2 page synopsis to


Musa Publishing is looking to combine humor and erotica (or erotic satire) in a new imprint, Saterotica.
“Saterotica stories will satirize the erotic romance genre, by either taking a shot at some of our favorite (direly awful) stories from the past, the kind that was hidden in brown paper bags at the back of Mom’s closet in 1975, or by taking a standard erotic situation and making it…well, not quite so standard and very funny. Sometimes,
the greatest romances are intensified by a strong dose of laughter.” Editor Celina Summers is  looking for fully developed stories between 7,000 and 20,000 words. “We are looking for both het and gay, menages, BDSM, and any combination thereof. Humorous elements must satirize the erotica genre, using cliches, tropes, and/or incidents that change the intent of the story from titillation to comedy. Please send submissions (query letter, first twenty pages, and one paragraph synopsis) to and include ” Saterotica” in the subject line.


Publisher’s Weekly reviewed my upcoming release, The View From Here: In romance author Myers’s mainstream fiction debut, the first in a planned series, Maggie Stevens, recovering from a long, fruitless marriage to a selfish man who stole her youth, receives word that her estranged father has died and left her a gold mine in Colorado. Maggie heads to the very small town of Eureka to see what she can learn about the man she’s never known (he left when she was three). There, she falls in love with the town, with its “four hundred or so permanent residents,” including the enigmatic Jameso Clark. Through her time in rural Colorado, she discovers strength she didn’t know she had, and a community that she never thought she’d find. Myers (The Birdman’s Daughter, as Cindi Myers) has found an ideal setting in this gold-mining backwater…”

As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others. I only ask that you give me credit as the source, and include a link to this blog. Thank you. Cindi Myers


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