After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
―    Philip Pullman


Harlequin is partnering with Cosmopolitain Magazine to launch a line of digital-first stories “for the Cosmo woman” — Cosmo Red Hot Reads. These fun, sexy stories will be 25,000 to 30,000 words, and will be contemporary, set in international, urban locales, with independent, adventurous heroines in their 20s. . The stories will be romances, but very sexy, with love scenes that “are fantasy-oriented and push the envelope.” Stories should be fast-paced, with strong conflicts and lots of witty dialogue. Though the stories may feature multiple points of view, the heroine drives the story. They’ll publish two stories a month, beginning in Spring/Summer of 2013. Editors are interested in complete manuscripts only. You’ll find detailed writer’s guidelines and submission instructions here.


Entangled Publishing announced this week that it’s launching a digital first line of stories for teens, Entangled DigiTeen. They’ll continue their single-title print program, Entangled Teen as well, with Stacy Cantor Abrams heading up both lines. Former Simon & Schuster editor Danielle Poiesz joins Entangled to head up the print program, Entangled Select, as well as a new digital first line, Entangled Edge. No details yet on what Entangled Edge will be — watch this blog for details as they become available.


coverfront_0001If you loved the show Northern Exposure, if you like stories set in distinctive settings with an ongoing, interesting cast of characters, or if you want to sample my writing but romance novels aren’t really your thing, my newest release, The View From Here, just might be for you. It’s available in trade paperback and ebook formats pretty much everywhere. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


****************************** has updated their writer’s guidelines and they’re worth reading. publishes short (under 12,000 words) speculative fiction stories — fantasy, science fiction, horror, alternate history, etc — and pays 25 cents a word for the stories they publish. The editors also work for Tor Books, but the online short story project is a separate venture. Find all the details on submitting your story here. Once you send it in, expect to wait 9 months for a reply.


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