The paradox of gifts:  I know what I have given you.  I do not know what you have received.”  ~Dr. SunWolf


This week I’m featuring my 2013 version of my annual round-up of Gifts for Writers. Choose the perfect present for the writer in your life — or highlight something on this list and send it as a hint to someone who might be gifting you.

Writers love books. Buy your favorite writers the latest from their favorite author, or research books to help them in their craft. Dictionaries, market guides and grammar texts are also useful to writers. But how about searching out something a little more unusual?

For insomniac writers, Chronicle Books offers Can’t Sleep, Write Now. Or how about their Picture Day Journal or Jane Austen Novel Journal  Other books writers might appreciate include Help! For Writers: 210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces and Novelists in the New Millenium: Conversations With Writers. cantsleep


If you crave literary inspiration with your alcohol, consider some writerly drinking accessories, such as a Dorothy Parker Martini Glass or a set of Literary Shot Glasses.  Or how about a Great Literature Drink Glassmartini


If you’re the handy sort, you might try crafting a Rewrite Desk, similar to this design which, as far as I can tell, isn’t for sale: gam01



writing glovesThe stylish writer in your life might appreciate some Typewriter Jewelry.  Or how about a Shakespeare’s Insults T-shirtOr maybe you’d prefer a Literary Scarf or Pride and Prejudice Writing Gloves.  For formal occasions, you might prefer a Book Tie.


Toys stimulate creativity. Buy your writer friend a slinky, silly putty or a box of crayons for doodling while waiting for the Muse to wake up. Or treat them to a toy patterned after a favorite literary hero, such as a Shakespeare Little Thinker Doll or a Sherlock Holmes Finger Puppet.  Maybe you’d prefer a set of Jane Austen or William Shakespeare Playing Cards. You can also choose from a number of Literary Themed Chess Sets.


The best gifts you can give a published author in your life don’t cost much — if anything at all. Buy their books –buy them for yourselves or to fill others’ stockings. Write reviews of their work and post them online — at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and Facebook. Your writer friends will love you for it!  IMG_20131029_082521_708


As always, feel free to pass along the information in this blog to others — reposts, reprint or re-tweet. Just give me credit as the source, and include a link to this blog. Happy Holidays!  Cindi Myers