After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”  Philip Pullman


Rocky Mountain Rescue is on sale in stores and online now!



Eggplant Literary Productions is looking for speculative fiction treatments of traditional fairy tales for upcoming anthologies for both children and adults. Your story should feature diverse and marginalized characters and may include non-North American and non-Western European settings. Stories for children 8-12 should be no longer than 2,500 words, while stories for adults may be up to 5,000 words. Eggplant Literary pays five cents a word for stories. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2014. Read the guidelines here. 


Shades of Romance, an online magazine for readers and writers, pays $25 for romantic short stories, 500 to 1,500 words, in any romantic sub-genre. Shades of Romance also accepts articles on the craft and business of writing. The deadline for submissions for the next issue of the quarterly publication is June 1, 2014. For guidelines and a list of upcoming issue themes, go here. 


Shebooks is a new e-publisher over seen by Peggy Northrup, editor-in-chief of Sunset Magazine for Time, Inc. The new imprint will feature short ebooks (about 10,000 words) on a variety of fiction and non-fiction topics.  From their guidelines: “We publish fiction and non-fiction (which includes memoir and journalism). We’re looking for narrative journalism, quirky memoirs, touching fiction, travel adventures, food obsessions and family dramas. “Narrative” means that the piece has a strong story arc. We love humor.” Shebooks will pay a 50% royalty. For more information, check out their guidelines here. 


Simon and Schuster’s Teen Imprint, Simon 451, is holding a writing contest for college students. If you are at least 18 years old and enrolled in college (undergrad or graduate level, U.S. only), you are eligible to enter your novel manuscript in one of the following sub-genres: horror, fantasy, science fiction, utopian or dystopian, superhero, apocolyptic, supernatural or alternative history. You must have a complete manuscript to enter. Deadline is March 15, 2014.  Find the details here. 


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