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Writer’s Digest Magazine is sponsoring a romance writing contest as part of its larger Popular Fiction Awards. The grand prize is $2,500 and a trip to the Writer’s Digest Writing Conference in New York City. First prize is $500. Enter your romance manuscript of 4,000 words or less by October 15, 2013.  If you enter by September 16, the entry fee is $20. Find more details here.


Enchanted Conversation, a literary magazine devoted to retellings and reexaminations of traditional fairy tales, is sponsoring a Beyond the Glass Slipper Writing Contest.  Enter your short story or poem inspired by one of the ten stories in the anthology, Beyond the Glass Slipper. You can purchase a copy of the anthology, or you can read the stories for free online. No minimum or maximum word count. Submit by August 15, 2013. The grand prize is $200 and four honorable mentions will receive $50 each. Find the details here.


Enchanted Conversation, in partnership with World Weave Press, is also soliciting stories for an anthology devoted to the mythical figure of Krampus,  “Santa’s dark side or evil twin.” Stories should be under 10,000 words. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2013. Payment is $10 and a copy of the anthology. Find the details here.


Long Hidden is seeking historical short stories about marginalized people. Submit your speculative fiction story of 3,000 to 7,000 words, set between the years 1400 and 1920. The story must feature people who were marginalized in their time and place — examples include ethnic minorities, women, GLBT people, indigenous peoples, slaves, the handicapped, the very old or very young, poor people, etc. Stories must include significant elements of horror, science fiction or fantasy. Submission deadline is July 31, 2013. Payment is 5 cents a word on publication. Get the scoop here.


KHP Publishers is a digital publisher actively seeking manuscripts for a new erotic romance imprint, Scarlet Petals Press. Editor S.D. Hinz seeks romantic erotica stories in the following romance sub-genres:

Contemporary romance — traditional tropes such as men in uniform, friends to lovers and bad boys.

Historical romance — especially westerns


Gay and Lesbian


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy — witches, vampires and weres only

Fairy Tales in Modern Settings



[Note — I don’t know what pseudo-taboo is, and I’m scratching my head over Amish erotica — really?.]

All submissions should be between 30,000 and 50,000 words. KHP pays 50 percent net royalties quarterly. Find more details here.


Metro Moms.net seeks short stories for its Metro Fiction section. Submit your 900 to 1,100 words short story that will appeal to women — romance, women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, historical or literary. No dark themes. Payment is $25. Get all the details here.


It’s here! Her Cowboy Soldier is now available for sale.  The book received four stars from Romantic Times, which said “This is an engrossing, uplighting story of two people who learnn through love to overcome losses brought on by war.”



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Advice to new writers? Always the same advice: Learn to trust your own judgment, learn inner independence, learn to trust that time will sort the good from the bad — including your own bad.”

                                                                                     Doris Lessing

Merry Christmas to all. I hope you have a joyful holiday season.

Speaking of Christmas, The Christmas Spirit,  the sequel to the wildly successful Christmas Miracles book from St. Martin’s Press, is seeking contributions. “We seek true stories that emphasize the significance of the Christmas season. So often, we get caught up in the busy-ness of the season—the shopping, the family drama, and the event planning—that we lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Sometimes, through God’s grace or what some call a twist of fate, we’re able to step back and grasp the real meaning of Christmas and our lives are enriched. These are the kind of stories we are seeking.” The book will be published in fall 2011. The completed manuscript is due in the spring of 2010. Bestselling author, Debbie Macomber, has agreed to write the foreword.  For more information, visit The Christmas Spirit website.

For an interesting look at what publishers are buying right now, check out the Agent in the Middle blog.******************

Have a funny Christmas Story? College Life is sponsoring a Funny Christmas Story contest. There are only a couple of more days to enter, but you can do so online, for a chance to win a Nintendo DS or an Amazon Gift Certificate.


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