The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction.  By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.”  ~Mark Twain

Dorchester Books, which last year let go the majority of its editors and announced the end of mass market paperback publications, in favor of e-books and POD only, now apparently has no in-house editors, as editor Chris Keeslar announced last week he is no longer with the company. Also departing is Heather Josepowitz, who was editing confession magazines (True Romance, True Story, etc.) owned by Dorchester. You can read more at Brian Keene’s blog.


Pelican Book Group publishes both print and e-editions of Christian Romance and Women’s Fiction, under the White Rose and Harbourlight imprints. The editors are currently looking for submissions of 15,000 to 25,000 word novellas with a Christmas theme for a special release for the holiday season of 2012. The stories may be either romance or general women’s fiction, contemporary or historical, with Christian themes.  Send your submission by May 1, 2012, using Pelican’s online submission form. And be sure to check out Pelican’s full submission guidelines.


A couple of nice reviews for my books this week. From Harriet Klausner:

“The Woman Who Loved Jesse James is a fascinating biographical fiction that looks at the famous outlaw through the eyes of mostly his adulating beloved wife in a world still suffering from the ravages of the war and the consequential agony of defeat. Because of Zee’s loving filter, Jesse comes across as heroic rather than a cold blooded killer. She needs to believe in the goodness rather than the wickedness of her mate who she knows is tender with his family. Well written, readers will enjoy Cindi Myers fine nineteenth century look at Jesse James through his spouse’s loving perspective.”

And from Long and Short Romance Reviews:

West With the Wind propels the reader along, at times gently and at other times in emotional or physical storms that are breath-holding happenings. The descriptions of the environment leave no doubt about how difficult the trek across half a continent is, but most of all the characters-good and bad-seem so real with their flaws and foibles that make the reader feel as if they are personal acquaintances. Once again Cindi Myers entertains with her smooth, compelling writing style as she takes the reader on a vicarious trip that keeps one turning pages. ”


Entangled Publishing’s editors just posted their Wish Lists for February. They’re still very open to submissions. Some highlights: Stacy Abrams would like to see “Adult who-done-it mystery with main character as an accidental sleuth” and “Adult romance with medical elements a la Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice, but no cheesy doctors falling in love with their comatose patients!” Heather Howland would love “Gritty and sexy military/Special Ops romance similar to Lora Leigh’s Navy SEALs series.” Lori Wilde says “I’d love to see more holiday themed books.” and “I’m in the mood for a good friends-to-lovers story. But remember, we want those strong alpha heroes.” Alethea Spiridon-Hopson would love “A really tight series involving sexy, charismatic men.” Nina Bruhns longs for “A super-sexy thriller”, “A classic detective story with romance added” and “an historical suspense or mystery,” while Susan Meier wants “A small town with a really great cop.” Read all their wants (and dislikes) on the blog.


As always, feel free to pass along the information from this blog. All I ask is that you give me credit and include a link to the blog. Thanks!  Cindi Myers