“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” ~Arthur Polotnik


I’m back after a couple of weeks off  to move to a new home. Lots of news this week…

My newest release, A Change of Altitude, is in stores now in trade paperback format, and available for download in all ebook formats. The third volume in my Eureka, Colorado series can be read as a stand-alone volume or, if you want to follow the whole series, the first two volumes, The View From Here and The Mountain Between Us are available for a discounted price. Check out the series I call “Northern Exposure in the Rocky Mountains.”



The Labletter literary journal is accepting submissions for its 2015 issue. Fiction editor Sarah Marrs is interested in short stories up to 7,500 words, on any subject, in any style. Payment is $150 a story and writers retain all rights to their work. The deadline for submissions is July 18. Find all the details here.


The First Line seeks short stories from 300 to 5,000 words with the first line “Fifty miles west of Bloomington likes Hillboro, a monument to middle-class malaise.” All genres of fiction are welcome. Payment is $25 to $50. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2014. For more info, go here.


David LaBounty, editor with Blue Cubicle Press, seeks short stories between 500 and 5,000 words on the theme of people who work in the sports world — announcers, agents, umpires and referees, groundskeepers and trainers, etc. Athletes may be featured in these stories, but the focus is on the “work” side of sports. Selected stories will be published in the 11th Workers Write anthology “Tales From the Coliseum” Payment is $5 to $50 and the deadline is December 31, 2014. Get all the details here. 


Cicada Magazine, for young people ages 14 and older, seeks stories for a “Monsters and Maps” issue. Submit your stories about mythical or real monsters, along with maps of their territory, to editor-in-chief Mariane Carus by July 31, 2014. Stories may be up to 9,000 words and payment is 25 cents a word. Get all the details here. 


Entangled Publishing is seeking novellas and novels featuring heroes and heroines who meet on new Year’s Eve for its Lovestruck line of category romances. Stories should be 15,000 to 60,000 words and feature chance meetings that lead to sparks between the hero and heroine. The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2014, for publication in December 2014. Get all the details here.


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others — reprint, repost, retweet and pass it along. All I ask is that you credit me as the source, and include a link to the blog. If you want to know more about me, visit my websites here and here.

“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” —Ray Bradbury


Only three weeks until the release of A Change in Altitude. Book Three of my Eureka, Colordo series continues the stories of the quirky characters in the Colorado mountains, but can also be read as a stand-alone novel.  altitude


Silkwords is a newer romance publisher (established 2013) that combines romance novels with gaming. Silkwords novels are interactive — readers can choose different paths in the story that lead to different endings. Readers pay a monthly subscription fee to the service. The editors are actively seeking submissions. Stories should be 15,000 to 20,000 words and at several points in the stories, readers should have the opportunity to make a significant choice — between two partners, two locations, two jobs, etc. Stories may be romance or erotica. Romances should have a happily ever after or happy for now ending. Payment is $500 plus $3 per subscription the story generates. Find all the details here.


Want to win a house, free and clear? The Write a House program awards emerging writers with a 900-square foot house completed with basement, one or two bedrooms, bathroom and front and back yard. The house is completely renovated. And it’s in Detroit. Write a House is now accepting applications from writers from across the country. You must agree to live in the house at least 75% of the time and interact with the Detroit literary community. You must pay yearly taxes of approximately $2000. You must be a part-time or full-time writer with a low to moderate income and you must submit a sample of your writing. Find all the details here.


Entangled Bliss is on the hunt for new authors. The editors would love to see your small-town set romantic comedy — either sexy or sweet. They love contemporary, everyday heroes and modern heroines. Manuscripts should be 50,000 to 65,000 words. Get all the details here. 


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others. Please give me credit as the source and include a link to the blog. Thanks!  Cindi. Find out more about me at http://www.cindimyers.com or http://www.cindymyersbooks.com



“Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club, and if you don’t get it you will none the less get something that looks remarkably like it.” ~Jack London


June 1 is the release date for What She’d Do For Lovemy newest sweet romance from Harlequin Heartwarming.

Christa Montgomery has faced many changes recently, but she draws the line at an overhaul of her hometown, Cedar Grove, Texas. When the community’s livelihood is threatened by a new highway, she’s determined to stop the project and its chief engineer, Ryder Oakes.

Ryder almost swept Christa off her feet before she recognized who he was, and now she must struggle to resist his warmth and compassion. Torn between two loyalties, she can’t support the new highway, even if his career is at stake. As his project runs into trouble, though, she’s determined to come up with a way to have her town…and Ryder, too.



Greeting card publisher Blue Mountain Arts is seeking poetry for Christmas and other holiday-themed greeting cards. Blue Mountain cards use contemporary poetry that reflects genuine emotion. They pay $300 for exclusive rights to a poem for use in greeting cards and other products, and $50 for one-time use in a book. Submissions need to be in by July 15, 2014. For more information and submissions guidelines, go here.


The Book Smugglers blog is looking for speculative fiction stories based on classic and modern fairy tales. Stories may be for any audience from middle-grade to adults. Book Smugglers pays five cents a word for stories from1,500 to 17,500 words. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2014. Find all the details here. 


Harlequin Shivers is eager to see manuscripts for sexy, gothic romances. The editors want “dark, sexy heroes and anti-heroes and sensible heroines beguiled by male magnetism and allure against all better judgment.” Stories should be atmospheric and sensual. Shivers is an e-book only line new to the Harlequin fold. Length 30,000 to 50,000 words, contemporary or historical. Find the guidelines here.


Entangled is looking for sexy romances with dirty-talking heroes for its Brazen line of category-length romance. Brazen books focus on the hero and heroine’s physical relationship and contain five or more sexual scenes. Editors are specifically looking for stories with verbally-talented heroes. 20,000 to 60,000 words. Find all the details here.


Riptide Publishing, a boutique publisher of LGBTQ fiction, has a number of open calls for submissions. Since Riptide is usually an invitation-only publisher, these special calls are a great way to get your work in front of the editors. Right now, they’re looking for the following types of stories:

BDSM erotica, 8,000 to 15,000 words. Deadline July 1, 2014.

Sports Romance, 30,000 to 85,000 words. Deadline September 1, 2014

Rainbow Families, 45,000 to 85,000 words. Deadline November 1, 2014

Shifters and Weres, 50,000 to 110,000 words. Deadline January 1, 2015

Lesbian novels, 50,000 to 110,000 words. Deadline March 1, 2015

Shades of the Rainbow, 25,000 to 110,000 words, Deadline March 1, 2015

Sweet Romance, 25,000 to 110,000 words. Deadline March 1, 2015

*punk, 45,000 to 115,000 words, Deadline March 1, 2015

Find all the details here.


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others. Please include a link to this blog, and give me credit as the source. For more about me, please visit my websites — http://www.CindiMyers.com or http://www.CindyMyersBooks.com



“Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences.”- Anne McCaffrey


Mozark Press is seeking manuscripts for A Shaker of Margaritas: That Mysterious Woman, an anthology of mystery stories with female protagonists. Crime stories, cozies, capers, suspense, and soft-boiled mysteries are all welcome. Stories should be between 2,000 and 3,500 words and previously unpublished. Keep it clean — think PG ratings. The deadline for submissions is July 25, for publication in late fall 2014. Payment is $20. Find all the details here. 


Entangled Publishing is launching a new imprint this summer, Entangled Lovestruck. Lovestruck stories feature witty dialogue, classic tropes, and character-driven romance. These are contemporary stories that often feature ‘meet cute’ setups, and sigh-worthy happy endings. 40,000 to 60,000 words. For more details, see the guidelines.


Avon Impulse is the digital imprint of Avon Romance. Editors are actively seeking manuscripts now. Things they would love to see include super-sexy contemporaries with rancher, military or rock-star heroes; New adult stories where the heroine’s love interest is her best friend’s brother, or her brother’s best friend; and erotic stories featuring contracts, bets and deals. For more information, go here.


Cover reveal! Check out the cover for my new Heartwarming novel, on sale June 2:



Ruthless Peoples Magazine pays $100 for flash fiction stories up to 1,000 words. They purchase two stories per month. They are open to a wide variety of subjects, as long as some form of “choice making ruthlessness” is at the heart of the story. Find their guidelines and the online submission form here. 


As always, feel free to share the information you found here with others. Please give me credit as the source and include a link to this blog if you repost, reprint or otherwise use this material. For more about me and my books, visit me at http://www.CindiMyers.com or http://www.CindyMyersBooks.com. Thanks!

One thing that helps is to give myself permission to write badly. I tell myself that I’m going to do my five or 10 pages no matter what, and that I can always tear them up the following morning if I want. I’ll have lost nothing—writing and tearing up five pages would leave me no further behind than if I took the day off.” —Lawrence Block


Entangled Publishing’s New Adult imprint, Embrace, has a wish list of stories the editors would like to see. Embrace stories feature characters 18-24 who are striving for independence and finding themselves (and love!) Among the types of stories editors would love to see:

Cowboys and/or a Western setting, men in uniform, sports and athletes, characters with unusual jobs, workplace entanglements, travel, struggles to support oneself, surfers, and the conflict of college vs. working world. Check out the complete list here.


Shimmer Magazine pays 5 cents a word for fantasy short stories up to 7,500 words (though the preferred length is 4,000 words. ) The editors are interested in speculative fiction (especially modern fantasy) that features diverse characters and strongly emotional stories. Find their guidelines here.


Blank Fiction is looking for noir and science fiction stories, up to 15,000 words. Payment is $50, and the deadline for submissions is January 15, 2014. Find out more here.


The Midnight Diner publishes genre fiction — horror, monster, crime and paranormal — stories with a Christian slant. They’re open to submissions until the end of January for their next issue. Stories that blend genres are welcome. Payment for stories 3.000 to 6,000 words is $60. Find more here.


Beginning February 3, I’m teaching an online class on “Editing and Revision for Fiction Writers”. The class runs from Feb 3 – Feb 23. Every Monday and Thursday I’ll post a new lesson, and we’ll have discussions throughout the week. You participate as much or as little as you like. The class is conducted through a Yahoo group, and is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Cost is $40 for non-members and $35 for members. You can read all about it (including a course outline) here. 

As a bonus, I’ll send everyone who signs up for and completes the course a copy of my upcoming Harlequin Intrigue, Rocky Mountain Revenge, as a thank you gift.


If you’re in the Denver area, I’m giving a FREE class on Tuesday, January 14 at 6 pm at the Ross-University Hills Branch Library. The class “Telling Your Story — How to Shape Your Ideas Into a Book” is designed to help you take your great idea, family story or other story you’ve always wanted to tell, and shape it into a novel. The class will be interactive and I hope students will ask plenty of questions and we’ll work together to answer them. Find out more here. 


As always, feel free to share the information in this newsletter with others — repost, reprint, forward and share. All I ask is that you give me credit as the source for the information, and include a link to this blog. Thank you!  Cindi

“Every writer I know has trouble writing.” ~Joseph Heller


This time of year provides a lot of distractions to keep us away from our writing.  Take time to enjoy the season, but keep up the writing habit. I hope these potential markets will inspire you:

Arrow Publications has been in business since 1989. They produce a series of romantic graphic novels, as well as non-graphic novels in ebook form. The editors are looking for fiction with strong romantic elements in the following sub-genres: mystery, crime and supernatural. They will also consider other sub-genres, as long as the story has strong romantic elements. They accept manuscripts between 19,000 and 110,000 words, for short novellas, novellas and full-length novels. Send your query letter, synopsis and first chapter. Find all the guidelines here.


The Midnight Diner is looking for Christian genre fiction, 3,000 to 6,000 words.  They want to see horror, crime, weird westerns, aliens and paranormal stories with a Christian slant. Think the Twilight zone. Nothing preachy. They pay $60 per story. They will close to submissions at the end of December. Check out their guidelines here.


The Kids’ Ark, a Christian Magazine for children ages 4-12, wants short stories to 650 words on the theme of “One of a Kind.” They pay $100. The deadline for submissions is January 5, 2014. Find out how to submit here. 


MacMillan Publishing’s Childrens division has launched Swoon Reads, a new imprint aimed at young adult/new adult readers. Swoon Reads will focus on Teen Romances, and plans to publish their first book, in both digital and print formats, in Spring 2014. Books will be chosen from those submitted to the SwoonReads website, and voted on by visitors to the site. Books chosen for publication receive a $15,000 advance against royalties. Books should be aimed at young adults (ages 14-19) or new adult (19-23.) They accept all sub-genres (there’s an extensive list on the website.) Get all the details here.


Entangled Publishing is looking for novellas for a collectiong focused on the 1950s to be called “Love Me Tender.” Submit your romance story set between 1950 and 1959, 15,000 to 20,000 words. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2014. Find all the details here. 


As always, feel free to share the information here with others. I’m taking off for a couple of weeks to celebrate the holidays — see you all next year!  Cindi Myers



BelleBooks has acquired small press ImaJinn. Former Harlequin editor Brenda Chin will oversee the new ImaJinn imprint at BelleBooks, which will focus on publishing Regency romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance and urban fantasy and historical romance.  You can find out more about BelleBooks here


Entangled Publishing has issued a call for submissions for its 2014 Holiday Anthology. They’re looking for historical romance from any time period, up to and including World War I, 15,000 to 20,000 words.  They’re open to characters of all colors, races and gender identification. Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2014. Find all the submission details here.


Buddhapuss, Ink, is a small press that specializes in series fiction of all kinds — mysteries, thrillers, young adult, romance and more. They publish trade paperback and ebook editions of all titles.  Currently the editors are interested in mystery, thrillers, literary romance and literary fiction designed to be part of a series. These books should be for adults, but without explicit sex or excessive violence. Preferred length is 50,000 to 100,000 words. Send a query letter, synopsis and first three chapters. Expect a reply in three to six months. Find all the details here


Big Pulp is now open for submissions of zombie-themed stories for an upcoming collection. Got a zombie romance, zombie space opera or zombie mystery? They’d like to see it.  Length: 2500 to 10,000 words (shorter is better.) Payment is 1 cent a word, up to $25. Find the details here. 


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others. Please give me credit as the source and include a link to the blog. Thanks!  Cindi Myers

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.” Carol Burnett

This week I’m summarizing the Spotlight on Samhain Books from the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta.

Publisher Lindsey Faber, Editorial Director Heather Osborn, and Editor Amy Sherwood presented this spotlight. Samhain is a digital first publisher; titles appear in digital format and are released about a year later in print. Anything over 50,000 words goes into print in trade paperback. Shorter works may be grouped together for print titles. They publish romance, horror, and science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy with strong romantic elements. They started in 2005.

In addition to publishing original material, they publish a line of Retro Romance in which they reprint previously print-published books that are at least 10 years old or older, if the authors have the rights back to the work.

The Spotlight was conducted primarily as a Q&A. Some of the material covered in this section include:

It takes six to eight months from the time the author turns in the manuscript until publication. They release 4 to 6 books a week.

They love series – readers love them, too.

With a new author, they usually contract one book at a time. They don’t offer an advance, so why would you want to contract for six books at once with no advance?

They wouldn’t rule out contracting on proposal, but they prefer a full manuscript so that they can go to work on it right away.

They have sold very well in contemporary romance, particularly contemporary western romance. They’ve done well with paranormal romance in the past, particularly shape-shifters, although that market is tighter now. Paranormal is still selling well, but it’s not growing as rapidly as it was, though it is still very popular. They also sell very well with gay romance – male/male, particularly in digital sales. They are growing in historical and romantic suspense. They are working to develop a larger multi-cultural romance market. “We are still looking for things across all genres.”

There was a long discussion about trends. The gist was that digital publishing has been particularly successful in reaching readers who are fans of genres and niche markets that are not widely available in brick and mortar stores. Authors can make a living in digital publishing with books that appeal to niche markets.

Samhain accepts agents and unagented submissions. Anyone can submit to them, anytime. They prefer a full manuscript and a short synopsis. Fine more information here. 


If you’d like to read my novel, The View From Here before the sequel, The Mountain Between Us, comes out at the end of the month, you can grab an ebook copy for only $2.99 (normally $9.99) at the following e-tailers. The View From Here is set in a small town in the Rocky Mountains and follows the adventures of the sometimes quirkly residents. I call it “Northern Exposure comes to the Rocky Mountains.”

Barnes and Noble Nook http://bit.ly/15kn93R

Sony Ebooks http://bit.ly/16PLZMg

Kensington ebooks http://bit.ly/15TvwG6

All Romance ebooks http://bit.ly/jMFA4

Amazon hasn’t dropped the price yet for the Kindle version, but I’m hoping they will. (If you want a Kindle Version, you might click the “Notify us of a lower price” button at the bottom of the listing for the book to enourage Amazon to price match. )

If you’ve already read The View From Here and want a copy of The Mountain Between Us, I’d appreciate it if you’d pre-order. Pre-orders really help my rankings and increase the chances that there will be more books in the series. Thank you!


Alloy Entertainment’s book division — the folks behind the Gossip Girls and Vampire Diaries, to name a few — is launching The Collaberative, to work with authors who have complete young adult, middle grade, chapter books or women’s fiction manuscripts. Warner Brothers will retain the right to produce any projects acquired in film, television and new media. The Collaborative hopes to acquire works from 12 authors a year, and is open to submissions from both agented and unagented authors. If you are not agented, please submit a query with a brief overview of your book, a description of your writing background, and the first five pages of the manuscript to thecollaborative@alloyentertainment.com. Find more details here.


Entangled Publishing is seeking sexy historical romance short stories for an as-yet-untitled anthology to be issued under their Scandalous imprint. The editors are interested in stories set in hot and romantic stories in any historical setting up through World War II, with explicit sex scenes. Stories should be 15,000 to 20,000 words. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2013, and the stories will be published in fall 2014. Find all the details here.


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others. Reprint it, repost it and pass it on. All I ask is that you give me credit as the source, and include a link to this blog. Thank you. Cindi

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.
― Philip Pullman


My last blog post looked at the Spotlight on Harlequin Series Romance from the Romance Writers of America convention in Atlanta. This week, I’m focusing on Harlequin Single Title. Margaret Marbury, VP Single Title Editorial, opened the Spotlight. Harlequin Single Title has a number of new editors, as well as maintaining some of the long-time editorial staff.

In 2013 so far, 15 Harlequin Single Title releases have hit the New York Times bestseller list. They have had 13 starred reviews in Publishers Weekly.  She talked about the Harlequin Single Title “boutique” approach to publishing, with an individualized promotion plan for each book, career planning for authors and editorial involvement.  Harlequin has global distribution in 110 markets in 34 languages.

HQN, Mira and Harlequin Teen are expanding into digital first programs. Both existing and new single title authors will be eligible for this program. HQN, Mira and Teen digital first programs are looking for books that align with the types of books they are already publishing in the lines in print.

Tara Parsons, Executive Editor of Mira, spoke next. Mira publishes “big, mainstream fiction.” They focus on commercial fiction, women’s fiction, thrillers and paranormal fiction. They publish in hardcover, mass market and trade paperback. She introduced some of the Mira editors: Paula Eykelhof, Nicole Brebner, Erika Imranyi, Emily Ohanjanians, Leslie Wainger, Michelle Mead and Leanna Waldrip.

Whether for traditional or digital publications, the editors at Mira are looking for mainstream books that appeal primarily to women. They may be contemporary or historical. Books should be commercial fiction , with universal themes that appeal to a broad audience. They’re looking for fresh voices, unforgettable characters and great stories. “The kind of book you would pass along to your neighbor or your mom.” Mira publishes about 110 titles a year in all formats. Right now they are particularly looking for new authors for their Trade program.

Susan Swinwood, executive editor for HQN and Luna, spoke next.  She first addressed the difference between Mira and HQN. Mira is focused on mainstream fiction that may or may not have romantic elements, but HQN focuses on romance – all sub-genres – contemporary, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense, etc. They publish primarily mass market, but also trade and hardcover. The romances may be sweet or scorching. They love small communities and cowboys. On the historical side, they love everything from medieval Scotland to Regency London to China’s Tang dynasty. With paranormal, they’re publishing a variety of series, as they are with romantic suspense. HQN does between 80 and 90 books a year, a combination of new books and re-releases. She particularly interested in emotional, layered stories, as well as more historical for the line.

In HQN Digital, they’re publishing New Adult titles.

Susan also oversees Luna, which publishes female-focused fantasy, including urban fantasy. She introduced Margo Lipshultz, Kate Dresser, and Kate Studer as part of the editorial team.

Executive Editor Natasha Wilson spoke about Harlequin Teen. They publish commercial young adult fiction aimed at girls 13 to 18. They publish thrillers, horror, steampunk, contemporary and historical fiction. They look for an authentic teen character and a strong voice. “I want a story that is one I feel like I haven’t read before.” They are looking for themes that resonate with teens. They are a small program, with about 36 titles a year.  They have long published digital first novellas and prequels, but this fall will add digital-first original novels. She introduced some of the Teen editorial staff on site: T.S. Ferguson and Annie Stone. Margo Lipshultz and Mary Theresa Hussey also acquire for the line.

The Harlequin Single Title lines usually take agented material only. The exception to that is that if you meet an editor at a conference and that editor requests your work, you can go directly to the editor without an agent.



My upcoming book, The Mountain Between Us, received a nice review from Publisher’s Weekly:

“Myers’s follow-up to The View from Here revisits the sleepy mountain town of Eureka, Colo., and presents its inhabitants with a new set of conflicts and obstacles. Maggie Stevens landed in Eureka after fleeing a bitter divorce, but now that it’s finally starting to feel like home, she’s been thrown another curveball: she’s pregnant and not sure her baby’s ski bum/bartender father, Jameso, is ready to settle down. Single mother Olivia Theriot is another relatively recent arrival: her boyfriend, D.J., has followed her to Colorado after returning from serving in Iraq. He’s ready to reconcile, but Olivia is finding it hard to let him back into her life. Meanwhile, Eureka’s mayor (and Olivia’s mother), Lucille, has fallen for a good-looking con man who empties the town’s coffers and flees. With the holidays approaching and a hard winter taking hold, everyone in Eureka bands together—and some unlikely alliances form—to deploy a crafty plan to replenish their treasury. New readers might find it hard to jump into the middle of the action, but Myers has found enough fresh escapades for her characters to satisfy fans of their first outing. A gratifying, if inevitable, happy ending leaves plenty of room for further adventures.”

The book goes on sale October 29.


Colorado Review, the literary magazine published by Colorado State University, is accepting short stories for its next issue. They are looking for literary fiction (no genre fiction) between 15 and 25 manuscript pages.  They pay $5 per printed page, up to $25. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2014. Find out more here.


Entangled Publishing is seeking more manuscripts for two of its imprints. For the Covet line of paranormal romance, the editors want 50,000 to 70,000 word manuscripts with alpha heroes, tough heroines and spicy romance. Specific things they’d like to see include: ghost stories, gargoyles, a contemporary gothic romance, witches, and mythologies from other cultures. Find all the details here. 

Brazen is Entangled’s line of sexy contemporary romance. This is Entantled’s best-selling line. The editors here would like sexy stories set in small towns; darker, edgier stories; wrong-bed stories; friends to lovers; enemies to lovers; cowboys and alpha blue collar heroes. Brazen is also offering an interesting opportunity. If you’d be interested in working with them to write books for which they already have ideas, submit an “audition” which includes your best sex scene between the hero and heroine, as well as some sexy banter between these two characters.  If the editors like what they see, they’ll give you a basic plot and characters and ask you to develop them. For information on auditions and for general Brazen submissions, go here.


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others — reprint it, repost it and pass it on. Please give me credit at the source, and include a link to this blog. Thanks.  Cindi Myers





“I can’t help but to write, I have an inner need for it. If I’m not in the middle of some literary project, I’m utterly lost, unhappy and distressed. As soon as I get started, I calm down.” Kaari Utrio


This week, I’m continuing my summary of publisher spotlights from the Romance Writers of America convention in Atlanta. This week: St Martin’s Press.

Jennifer Enderlin presented this Spotlight with her usual enthusiasm. She stressed that St. Martin’s is very interested in finding new authors.

She began with an overview of St. Martin’s press. They publish all types of fiction in all formats – women’s fiction, romance, mystery, paranormal, historical, young adult, new adult, thrillers, etc, etc. They publish 3-4 mass market romances a month. They almost always offer a multi-book contract, even to new authors. They are interested in developing and growing careers. “We buy what we love.”

She talked about St. Martin’s as a company. They are owned by a German billionaire, and though it’s a huge, multi-national company, the focus is still on producing good books. “It’s a company run by human beings, not bean counters.” She talked about what she’s looking for. She edits historical and contemporary romance, suspense and women’s fiction. She’s not looking for anything in particular but “I want to feel something, and I want to be surprised.” She wants a book where the story takes over. She usually works with literary agents, but she is open to email queries from unagented authors – expect a reply only if she’s interested. In your query, say who you are, what the book is and why you think it’s right for her. For example, you could talk about other authors she has edited that are similar to yours. If she requests material from you, you will get a personal response from her.

Monique Patterson spoke next. She edits 30 to 35 authors in different areas, including women’s fiction, romance, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense and erotica. She’s not interested in sweet romance and inspirational, but she’s open to pretty much anything else. When she picks up a submission, she wants to be transported. Sometimes she’s captured by the author’s voice. If she sees something in your work, but the project isn’t right, she will ask for something else. She is open to submissions from unagented authors, but she prefers a full proposal (synopsis and first three chapters) over a query letter.

Rose Hilyard edits all sub-genres in romance, erotica, new adult and young adult. She recently bought a new adult author who was unagented and previously unpublished, who she met at a conference.  In young adult and new adult she likes “really romancy” stories. She prefers agented material, but will consider unagented material though she admits she’s prejudiced against unagented work.

Holly Ingraham edits romance and young adult. She likes the variety, and is open to everything in romance. She’s also looking to expand her mystery list and wants some really good cozy mysteries with strong female protagonists. She is also interested in emotional women’s fiction. She accepts unagented email queries.

Heather Waters is the site manager for HeroesandHeartbreakers.com, a romance community site utilized by several publishers, including St. Martin’s. She is looking for short stories in any romance sub-genre, 10,000 to 15,000 words, plus serials to publish online. They do pay for these. Find out more here

St. Martin’s is open to self-published authors, to previously published authors, to previously unpublished authors, to both agented and unagented authors.


Harlequin Intrigue is actively soliciting gothic suspense stories for it’s new Shivers line — a digital only line of stories in the spiriti of Phyllis Whitney, Barbara Michaels and others. Sr. Editor Denise Zaza outlined what she’s looking for in this blog post.  She’s looking for sensuous stories with dark and dangerous heroes and scary thrills for the reader. Stories would ideally be between 30,000 and 50,000 words, but since they’re digital, editors can be flexible about the word count. Find the guidelines for Shivers here (and know that they are still actively taking submissions, even though the fast track period mentioned at the top of the guidelines has passed.)


Scandalous, Entangled Publishing’s historical romance line, is looking for novella submissions for an anthology to be released in 2014.  They’ve designed a book cover, featuring a woman’s photo (which you can see here). The title of a collection will be “Who’s That Girl?” Write a story about who you think the woman in the story is. Your story should be 20,000 to 25,000 words and be set in the early 20th century. Submissions are due by February 15, 2014.  Find all the details at the above link.


As always, feel free to share the information in this blog with others. Reprint, repost, retweet, etc. All I ask is that you give me credit as the source of the information. Thank you.  Cindi